CHSD Gifted and Talented Education Plan

  • District Goals and Objectives:
    The Cape Henlopen School District strives to meet the learning needs of the most highly abled learners. Through the Cape Accelerated Program (CAP) and the Academic Challenge Program students will have the opportunity to reach their full potential and earn credits for both school and college as they proceed through advance coursework in Mathematics and English Language Arts.

    Plan for K-8

    Task Force:
    In April 2014, a task force was created to determine how best to meet the needs of the district’s gifted and talented elementary students.  The task force was made up of Supervisor of Elementary Education, DOE Education Associate for Gifted Education, parents, teachers, and principals met once a month.  The Accelerated Learner Task force presented a plan to the Cape Henlopen School Board of Education in December of 2014.  With their approval, the district put together a plan for implementing the Cape Accelerated Program (CAP) in the elementary schools for the Fall of 2015.

    The Plan:
    Students in grades K-3 are enriched by extensions created through collaboration with the CAP teacher and each student’s homeroom teacher. Students in grade 4-8 receive services through CAP that take place during their regular ELA &/or Math instruction each day.  The CAP teacher is responsible for reporting grades for ELA and/or Math.

    CAP Mission Statement:
    The Cape Accelerated Program is committed to meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of highly able learners. Through the use of differentiation, students will participate in learning opportunities that require them to utilize creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills. Students will develop habits, attitudes, and the inspiration needed to become self-directed, independent life-long learners and leaders. 

    Identification Process

    1. A parent and/or a teacher makes a written recommendation. The recommendation forms are due by the last day of February.
    2. The Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test is administered to all 3rd and 5th-grade students and any new 4th, 6th, and 7th-grade students in March. This tool is used to screen students for placement in the 4th-8th-grade program. Students who score 110 or higher on the Naglieri move forward through the identification
    3. A Student Panel Review occurs in each elementary school. Each Student Review Panel consists of the Supervisor of Elementary Education, the school principal, CAP teacher, a related arts teacher, and the student’s homeroom teacher. 
    4. A variety of measures are used during the Student Review Process. These measures include: Smarter Balanced, report cards, and the parent/teacher recommendations.
    5. At the end of the Review, ten percent of each grade level of students are identified as needing CAP in order to reach their full potential are actually placed in CAP.
    6. The district sends a letter to each parent/guardian on the last student day in the spring. This letter informs them of their child’s placement in CAP for the following year.

    Transfer Students:
    Any 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th-grade student who registers in the Cape Henlopen School District after the end of the identification process may be considered for CAP.  If a student was in a gifted program at their former school, CHSD staff will make contact with the previous school and ascertain if their program aligns with the CHSD CAP program. If the programs are a match, then the student will be qualified for placement in CAP.

    If a CHSD student is currently enrolled in CAP and transfers to another school within the district, the student will continue in CAP in their new school. If the student is not enrolled in CAP prior to transferring to a new school, they will not be considered for CAP until the next school year.

    Withdrawal from CAP:
    A student may be withdrawn from CAP if it is mutually agreed upon by the parent/guardian, principal and CAP teacher.

    The CHSD hired a teacher for each of the elementary schools and three that are shared between the two middle schools.

    Program Evaluation:
    The program evaluation is an ongoing process through monthly meetings with the CAP teachers and administrators to review student progress. All stakeholders are included in the improvement of the program through parent conferences, Professional Learning Communities, and meetings with the Supervisor of Elementary Education and Supervisor of Secondary Education.  In order to ascertain that we are meeting the goals of CAP, we systematically review student portfolios, report card grades, and other progress monitoring tools (IRLA, Edmentum, Curriculum-Based Assessments), as well as, behavior data.

    Download a PDF of the Gifted and Talented Education Plan here.