About Señora Pazmino

  • I was born and raised in Colombia, South America. I speak four languages (Spanish, English,  French, and Italian). I have been living in Delaware for 13 years. My husband and I enjoy traveling and experiencing the culture in different parts of the world. I graduated with a degree in English and French Education from Universidad de Nariño in Colombia and obtained my Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University. I am passionate about learning and teaching languages. My mission is to guide students in the process of learning and create a safe environment where they can be  immersed in the new language and its culture.

  • L: Love to Learn 
    O: Own Responsibility 
    V: Value Safety
    E: Express Respect

    Classroom Reminders:

    1. Sigue las instrucciones rápidamente
    2. Levanta la mano para participar
    3. Levanta la mano para dejar tu asiento
    4. Toma decisiones INTELIGENTES
    5. Mantén a tu profesora FELIZ :)