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7th & 8th Grade CAP Language Arts

  • Course Requirements

    Students are expected to be motivated, engaged, reflective, and active learners. Keeping up-to-date with assignments and daily work is a must. Although absences are understandable, they should be kept to a minimum, in order to maximize instructional time. Should absences occur, the student is required to complete any missing work in a timely manner. The curriculum is differentiated both in content and pace, based on the needs of the gifted learner. Questions of clarification and wonders from students as well as collaboration with peers are highly encouraged.

    Grading Policies

    • 40% of grade = Minor Grades (Homework, Classwork, Miscellaneous Tasks)
    • 60% of grade= Major Grades (Writing Assignments, Tests/Quizzes, and Major Projects)

    Expectations are that all assignments are complete and submitted on time. Late assignments will be accepted for a reduced grade. Any assignment turned in more than 2 weeks from the due date will not be accepted and the grade will remain a zero.

    Rules & Procedures

    • Homework will be posted in the classroom. It is the responsibility of the student to write down the homework assignment in their agenda books at the end of each class.  Homework may consist of completing unfinished classwork and/or reading assignments.
    • All assignments will be due at the beginning of each class (unless otherwise specified).
    • Writing Assignments and Major Projects are to be turned in on Schoology (unless otherwise specified).