21st Century Community Learning Center Grant

  • The Friends at Milton Elementary Program (FAME)

    Milton Elementary School (MES) and Cape Henlopen School District have partnered with the Milton Public Library and Milton Theater to create an newly expanded, integrated, and well-rounded program, entitled Friends At Milton Elementary (FAME), with an emphasis on partnerships and community interactions. For the last twelve years, the FAME program has been offered to all students in grades 2-5 at MES, with a concentration on the targeted population of low-income and low-achieving students.

    Collaborating with local businesses, the FAME program will allow students to gain an understanding of the opportunities within the community. The FAME after school program will provide enrichment activities with project- based outcomes for students in grades two through five. While partnering with the local businesses, students will have an opportunity to participate in authentic experiences. Students can use their acquired knowledge and exposure to the organizations involved to utilize these and other community resources.

    Along with the community partnership, through the FAME program, students will also be exposed to various clubs. These clubs will teach a growth mindset with curriculum alignment to enrich and remediate for students of all levels and needs. During FAME, students will also have an opportunity to read and complete homework, with teacher assistance and guidance. The American Reading Company curriculum, which is used in the classroom, will be utilized to accelerate students’ literacy growth based on their independent reading level. Communication with the students’ school teachers will keep a constant connection for support, in helping to reach goals and acquire success. The community partnerships, clubs, and tutoring through the FAME program, will prepare students for Smarter Balanced Assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics. A summer program will also be offered to students in grades 2-5 to help maintain academic skills, track student growth, and to preview main concepts for the upcoming school year.

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    Milton Elementary School
    Clara Conn, Principal