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  • ELL Syllabus Cape Henlopen High School
    Ms. Kasey Lynn-Gadzinski 

    Contact Information: 302-645-7711 ext. 3125   |


    Course Description:

    This class will allow level one students to develop Basic English vocabulary and grammatical structures so that they can successfully communicate. Students will also develop literary and analytical skills which will enable them to be successful in future courses.

    This class will allow level two and three students to build on the Basic Vocabulary that they already have while further developing their repertoire of English words and grammatical structures. Students will continue to develop literary and analytical skills that are more aligned with their grade level expectations in order to enable them to be successful in all future courses and in life.

    Throughout the year, students will develop and practice the following Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills:

    Listening: Students will listen to English from native speakers via their teacher and other media. They will also listen to English spoken by their peers. They must focus their attention on the speaker’s message in order to comprehend and produce a meaningful response.

    Speaking: Students will have the daily opportunity to practice speaking in structured conversations with their peers. Also, there will be several projects which require the students to present information to the class using newly acquired English skills.

    Reading: Students will be reading a variety of modified texts, including short stories, poetry, and expository writing, with guidance and support from their teacher and peers. Students will learn various strategies to help them comprehend a text in their second language. They will also learn analytical skills necessary to interpret both literature and images.

    Writing: Students will be writing on a daily basis, practicing the grammar structures and the new vocabulary. They will write a variety of personal narratives, descriptions, reports, poems, and reflections based on the literature. They will also have the opportunity to create their own works of creative fiction in response to various texts.

    Students will also be using computer programs to further individualize their learning, as well as have additional practice with different skills and concepts. Some computer programs that we will use are No Red Ink, ESL Reading Smart, and BrainPOP ESL.



    Students are responsbile for supplying a notebook and folder or a binder with notebook paper, pencils/pens, and a journal. Ms. LG will not be provind students with notebooks or paper or pencils. If a student forgets his or her pencil, s/he may ask to borrow a pencil for the period. Students are expected to bring their iPad with them to class every day.

    The following items will be provided for the students to use in class:

    Textbook: Keystone (Longman) – Levels 1, 2, and 3
    Workbook: Keystone (Longman) – Levels 1, 2, and 3
    ·       Additional Resources may include:

    o   Articles from Newsela

    o   Short stories   

    o   Novels appropriate for each level

    o   School Approved Apps

    Classroom Policies:

    ·       Student must come to class prepared with their materials every day.

    ·       Journals and textbooks will be kept in the classroom but may be taken home if necessary.

    ·       Student handbook policies will be strictly enforced, including specific policies for absences and plagiarism.

    ·       NO cellular phones or other electronic devices (excluding iPads) are to be used or seen in the classroom. iPads will only be allowed to be used with teacher permission or when needed to complete an activity.

    ·       Disrespect will not be tolerated.

    Classroom Rules:

    Be Respectful!
    If you are respectful, you will be following all of the rules of the school and you will be helping to create a positive and safe learning environment. It’s simple, be nice and do what it is asked of you.
    Work hard!
    Learning English is difficult, but if you work hard every day and do your best, you will succeed.


    1st Warning – Verbal Warning
    2nd Warning -  Teacher Conference/Parent Notified
    3rd Warning -  Sent to Office/Parent Conference


    Grades will be calculated as follows:

    40% class participation and effort
    30% class work and homework
    30% Tests & Projects