Advanced Chemistry

  • Course Requirements

    Welcome to Advanced Chemistry. 

    The Advanced Chemistry Class was designed to meet the needs of college-bound students interested in a science major.  The goal of the class is to prepare college-bound students for college-level chemistry without the stress of an AP exam looming the first week in May. Students taking Advanced Chemistry will review the chemistry they have already learned and then progress to more advanced topics in chemistry – topics that are emphasized in a freshman level inorganic (introductory) chemistry class.

    This class is an academic elective that will be conducted at the honors level or higher.  While it is not an AP Chemistry class it is appropriate to introduce AP level material with the goal of preparing students for the next level of chemistry when they enter college. 

    Grading Policies

    Grades will be entered according to the following break down

    • Tests 50%
    • Quizzes 10%
    • Labs with write-ups/reports 20%
    • Class assignments* and mini labs 10%
    • Homework 10%

     Grades will be updated and posted in home access on a weekly basis (available through the school website.)

    A note on home access – Any assignment not yet graded will have a blank in-home access and count as zero.  When I enter the class grades for the assignment I will place the number “0” next to assignments if work was not turned in on the due date.  I do NOT accept late work – see class rules below. So any assignment not handed in will result in a zero grade.

    • A = 93%
    • B = 85%
    • C = 75%
    • D = 70%
    • F ˂ 70%

    *Includes worksheets, warm-ups, mini labs, group work, basically anything that was done during class time.

    Class Supplies

    • One 2-3 inch binder
    • CALCULATOR – not your phone/ iPad especially during tests
    • Pens, pencils, paper
    • Charged iPad

    Rules & Procedures

    The following is an abbreviated list of rules for this class. 

    Laboratory safety procedures and conduct will be discussed in detail before any labs take place. 

    Cape Henlopen rules of conduct as outlined in the student code of conduct are followed at all times.

    This is a lab-oriented class.  It is important that we adhere to the code of conduct and safety rules to have a safe and successful year.

    • Come to class on-time and prepared to work. On time means in your seats

    when the bell rings.  Otherwise, you will be marked tardy.  A tardy slip will be completed after the 3rd late to class, resulting in an after-school detention.

    • You may make up work due to an EXCUSED absence. (You must show me your blue slip). Time to make up missed work = time excused from school.
    • Any assignment handed in late will be eligible to earn no more than 70%. I will NOT accept any assignments after one calendar week.
    • School trips such as the band trip and athletic events are considered time in school. If you are missing class for a game (especially applicable to period 7 and 8, homework is still due!  Drop it off before you leave or give it to a RELIABLE friend.
    • Cheating is not tolerated under any condition. Examples include copying homework, looking at another person’s paper in a test situation, copying lab reports, etc.  Any suspected cheating will be brought to the attention of the administration and guidance. A phone call to a parent or guardian will be made and a grade of “0” will be given.  Cheating is covered in the student discipline matrix.  Disciplinary Actions will be based upon the Student Code of Conduct.
    • Missed labs are very difficult to make-up. I try to schedule labs on days when the Majority of people will be in class.  All missed labs, tests and quizzes need to be made up within one week otherwise a zero will be given.
    • Using the restroom is a privilege. You must use the class pass.  I follow the school’s10/10 rule.  No one leaves the class the first or last ten minutes of class.
    • Please show everyone in the classroom respect. We are all here to learn. We all have different strengths.  Please share your strength and listen to others when you need a boost.
    • I will collect electronic devices during exams