• Course Requirements

    Welcome to Robotics I.  This course is a full year curriculum developed for high school secondary education programs.  The curriculum is designed to appeal to a student’s imagination by using motion, light, sound, and tactile feedback to introduce new concepts.  These activities introduce students to a variety of basic principles in the fields of computer programming, electricity and electronics, mathematics and physics.  Many of the activities facilitate hands-on presentation of design practices used by engineers and technicians in the creation of modern machines and appliances, using common inexpensive parts.  The course will gradually shift from introductory robotics programming to its use in the land (VEX) and underwater robotics (SeaPerch & MATE) field.  The culminating activity will be the design and production of a land or an underwater robot suitable for entry into one of the robotics competitions held in the spring semester of this year.

    Robotics I is a high school level course that is appropriate for 10th – 12th grade students who are interested in the design, engineering and programming of robots or another technical career. The Robotics I course is designed to explore the past, current and future use of automation technology in industry and everyday use. Robotics I focuses heavily on prior knowledge from STEM related courses. The students will receive a comprehensive overview of robotic systems and the subsystems that comprise them. With curriculum provided by Intelitek and the REC foundation, the students will program several robots using the C programming language. There will be class competitions and engineering challenges using the radio controlled VEX robotic system. Careers in robotics, programming, and engineering will be discussed.

    Grading Policies

    • Evaluation (Tests and Quizzes)            45-55%
    • Laboratory Activities                           35-45%
    • Classwork, Homework, Notebooks       15-20%
    • Rules & Procedures

    Rules & Procedures

    The following is an abbreviated list of rules and regulations in this classroom.  Laboratory safety procedures are discussed in detail before any labs take place.  Cape Henlopen School District rules of conduct established by the school board are utilized and the disciplinary policies are strictly adhered to in this laboratory-oriented classroom.

    1. If you miss work due to an extended absence, you have the same number of days you missed to make up the assignment.
    2. It is your responsibility to get assignments, makeup assignments, and reschedule tests and quizzes.  You are not in 2nd grade any longer!
    3. Late work will not be accepted for any reason except for school closing or family emergency.  (Parent note required)
    4. No one will be allowed to use the restroom and water fountain without a pass.  The privilege of using the restroom and water fountain may be taken away if it is abused.
    5. You have a set time to get to class, use the time wisely and be inside the classroom when the bell rings.  You are late otherwise and will be written up as being tardy.