Computer Art & Photography II

  • Course Requirements

    Computer Art and Photography 1 and Intro to Art are pre-requisites to take Computer Art and Photography II

    This course will be a continuation of digital photography, Adobe Photoshop computer manipulation and possible black and white film process for interested students. Portfolios of digital works will be compiled for possible competitions. 

    Grading Policies:

    Final grading policies are formulated

    60% Projects

    40% Classwork

    Rules & Procedures:

    • Prompt  --  showing up on time
    • Prepared  --  ready to work
    • Polite  --  courteous with co-workers and supervisors
    • Productive  --  work from starting to quitting times
    • Positive  --  encourage and motivate to get things done

    Unfortunately, if a student violates a class rule here are the procedures that will be followed:

    1. First offense: verbal warning
    2. Second offense: student/teacher conference with a written reflection
    3. Third offense: parent contact
    4. Referral

    Students are expected to attend and be prepared for each class. Students will be expected to give their best effort, respect others as well as classroom materials, contribute and help maintain a safe learning environment. Student behaviors both good and bad have consequences. A student’s choice which will determine the consequences they may receive.