• Course Requirements

    Most class work and assignments will be completed in student journals (interactive notebooks) and/or in Schoology.

    Grading Policies

    Student grades will be based on the categories below:

    Assignments/Class Work:         20%

    Quizzes:                                 10%

    Lab Reports:                           20%

    Tests:                                     50%

    • Assignments will include worksheets, Schoology assignments, test reviews, and brief lab activities.
    • Quizzes will be given several times throughout each unit. The purpose of these quizzes will be for students to assess their strengths and weaknesses on the individual subtopics of the unit of study.  They will be announced in advance and students are encouraged to study for them.
    • Chemistry is a laboratory-based course and will require students to study course content within the laboratory setting. Students will be graded on their written analysis of lab results.
    • Tests will be given at the conclusion of each unit. As stated above, tests are 50% of the course grade. Students will be provided a test review in advance of each test and have an opportunity to review in class.  Students are expected to prepare for every test by completing all coursework, participating in class, and seeking help on subtopics needing further explanation.

    Rules & Procedures


    Schoology will be used on a daily basis in Chemistry.  Students are expected to bring a charged Ipad to class every day so that they can access the course content.  Schoology will contain assignments and quizzes for students to complete throughout each unit.  Schoology will also be utilized as a storage area for course materials such as notes and worksheets.  Students should access Schoology to obtain any course materials needed.

    Absences/Late work policy

    Students are expected to use Schoology as a way to keep updated on class events while absent. For excused absences (blue slip required), extensions on assignments will be granted, as needed, for a period of time less than or equal to the number of absent days. Please make every effort to attend class on days we are in the laboratory. For safety reasons, laboratory experiments must be made up within one week of returning to school and may require students to stay after school for the makeup. Students will receive full credit on assignments submitted in a timely manner following an absence. Students are strongly discouraged from handing assignments in late unless they have been absent. Late assignments are due by the end of the exceptions!!