Physical Science

  • Course Requirements

    Most class work and assignments will be completed in student journals (interactive notebooks) and/or in Schoology.

    Grading Policies

    Formative Assessments: 30%     Summative Assessments: 70%

    Homework                                     Tests

    Class work                                     Assignments/Projects

    Quizzes                                         Performance Tasks


    Rules & Procedures

    • Be On Time ( you are considered late if you arrive in the classroom after the bell has rung)
      • Consequences for lateness to class:
        • 1st offense – warning (noted in class log)
        • 2nd offense – warning (noted in class log)
        • 3rd offense and Subsequent offenses – Administrative Referral
    • Be Responsible when choosing to leave class
      • Ask to leave at an appropriate time. For example, when there is a break in notetaking.
      • 10:10 rule-You may not leave the classroom in the first or last 10 minutes of a class period for water/bathroom unless called for by the office.
    • Be Respectful to classmates, teachers, substitute teachers and staff
      • Consequence for disrespect
        • Completion of a refocus form
        • Office referral
    • No eating, drinking or cell phone use in the classroom. It is a safety hazard in a science laboratory room. 
    • Follow the school dress code as deemed in the school code of conduct.