Advanced Algebra Int, with Pre-Calculus

  • Course Requirements

    The materials you will need for class are pencils, a binder/notebook, and your school-issued iPad. A graphing calculator is recommended for homework, but we will have them available for classroom use. At the beginning of each unit, you will be provided with the Student Learning Map, a syllabus, and each homework assignment. These papers, along with your classroom notes, will assist you in the completing your portfolios and your tests.

    Grading Policies

    Tests: 35%

    Quizzes: 30%

    Homework: 10%

    Classwork: 25%

    Rules & Procedures

    Classroom Rules:

    • Please be respectful of others
    • Be on time
    • Be prepared
    • No food or gum
    • Participate
    • No cell phones