British Literature

  • Course Requirements

    Course Description:  This senior, college-preparatory level British Literature class combines nonfiction and fiction literary works to study the power of language and thought. Assignments will include but are not limited to, oral presentations, analytical essays, argumentative pieces, short and extended research projects, personal position statements and reflective essays. The writing will stem directly from the reading and provide students the opportunity to improve analytical, critical, and persuasive skills that will ensure college and career readiness.

    Academic Integrity: Academic integrity includes, but is not limited to, producing original work on all tests, papers, projects, and homework assignments.  Cheating and/or plagiarism will not be tolerated. 

    For more information on Academy, Integrity refer to your CHHS student handbook.


    • Three ring binder with looseleaf paper and several dividers (writing assignments, classwork, vocabulary, daily journal, tests/quizzes).
    • Blue or black ink pens (no red, purple, pink, or gold, etc. Sorry. Old eyes.)
    • All final writing assignments will be typed, printed, and turned in the day they are due.  (MLA Format – Top Left: Name, Teacher, Class, Date - Times New Roman, Size 12 font, double-spaced)  

    Rules & Procedures

    I. The years teach much which the days never know. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    1. In British Literature, we will open windows to other eras and ideas and learn something about ourselves. Then you will read, write and take a test on it.  

    II. "If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered. - Edgar Allen Poe

    1. Note taking is a requirement either on iPad or in a notebook.
    2. Take notes at all times. In class, while we talk. At home when you do your homework. And, especially take notes when you read.

    III. Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. - Mason Cooley

    1. All assigned readings are mandatory.
    2. There will be quizzes, at random, regarding the assigned reading.   

    IV. It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible but also for what we do not do. - John Baptiste Moliére

    1. Be responsible and respectful to yourself and those around you.
    2. Be prepared and on time. Start the opening activities… when you enter the room.  
    3. After an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility to acquire, complete, and turn in make-up work.
      • If a student is absent on the day a test or quiz is given, he/she must see us before class to ensure he/she can make arrangements to take the missed test/quiz. The student should expect to take the test/quiz the day he/she returns to school. Make-up tests/quizzes will not be given during the class period. Papers are due on the assigned date. No exceptions will be made. 
    4. There is no eating or drinking in class. 
    5. Bathroom privileges are just that. They are not to be abused or the opportunity to go will be limited to before or after class. Only one student is allowed out at a time and a sign in/out sheet will be required or the privilege will be revoked. No one may leave or ask to leave during class instruction. You are to go on your own time, not the teacher’s.
    6. No cell phones are permitted in class.
    7. Grades will be based on total points accumulated throughout the quarter.