Honors World Literature

  • Course Requirements


    • World Literature is a one-credit course that features ancient and contemporary works from around the globe. We will study all genres of literature, from short stories and novels (fiction), to plays, nonfiction and poetry. Writing, reading comprehension and class discussions will be the primary methods of response to the literature. Much time will be devoted to writing and editing. Writing assignments will be both critical and creative, in preparation for the critical, analytical writing required in college preparatory classes and are often required on state writing assessments; vocabulary building will also be addressed in this course. Students will have ample practice have a good foundation for the SAT. Technology infused lessons will prepare students in the process of becoming lifelong learners, ready for the 21st century requirements.


    • This course will use the LFS (Learning Focused) Teaching Strategies. Each lesson will have the following components: Essential Question, Activating Strategy (Warm up), Teaching Strategies, and Summarizing Strategies. Students will work either individually, in pairs, groups or whole class discussions. Quizzes and tests will sometimes be used either to determine the progress of the lesson or to check for understanding. The goal of the course is to have students use what they have learned in the classroom, in the world around them. All lessons will incorporate technology tools.

    Course Objectives

    Students will be able to:

    • Identify universal themes in the literature and make connections between the texts and their own lives, other works read, and the world in general.
    • Connect the works studied to their historical and cultural contexts.
    • Select, research, and prepare a research paper.
    • Write coherent critical and analytical essays, with effective thesis and well-organized paragraphs of support that utilize vivid, precise word choice.
    • Improve critical reading ability through vocabulary study and practice with higher level reading skills like inference and evaluation.

    Text and required supplies

    • Collections 10
    • News ELA
    • Article of the Week


    • A ring binder, college rule paper; pen and pencil; note cards; composition book).
    • I-pad always charged (if you do not have your i-pad with you or charged you will receive a referral or receive a 0 (zero for class participation); NO PHONES PERMITTED IN CLASS
    • Bring your World Literature Binder with you for every class and keep it organized for monthly checks

    Grading Policies

    Grading plan

    The students’ overall progress will be recorded in Home access every second and fourth Friday of the month (+ following the Board Policy). It is the students’ responsibility to check the progress periodically. If you miss assignments, please check Schoology. A daily agenda with handouts will be published on the website. If you need additional assistance, please send an email to the teacher, mentioning the dates of your absence. Make all the efforts to catch up with the missing work prior to the following class 

    Grading policy:

    The course is divided in two semesters. At the end of each semester students will take an exam which will represent 15% of the semester grade.


    Process: 50%


    Class work (formative assessments, Socratic seminars, collaborative activities, etc)


    Homework (summer reading)




    Product: 50%








    Rules & Procedures 


    Good attendance is expected. Makeup work for excused absences will follow the procedure in the school agenda. Students will be responsible for assignments missed by contacting their classmates, checking Schoology.

    Late work is not encouraged but if it occurs, 10% will be deducted for every day of absence. Therefore, please make an effort to submit every assignment on time.

    You will be provided 3 bathroom passes for each MP. Use them wisely. Students who keep their passes may use them for a 5-point boost on an assignment of their choice. (one assignment per pass).

    Student Expectations

    • Be prompt, prepared, polite, productive;
    • Enter class quietly and turn in your work, in the blue bin, before the bell rings,;
    • If you have questions for the teacher, please write an email to the teacher. Mark URGENT if it requires immediate attention;
    • Copy from the board the class agenda of the day;
    • Begin the Activating Strategy and follow the directions on the board;
    • Check your graded work folder at the beginning and at the end of the class;
    • Use pen or type every assignment you submit for grading;
    • You may use pencils for text annotations
    • Sharpen your pencils before class; have several utensils with you every day;
    • All submitted assignments (whether typed or handwritten) must follow the APA style headings: name, teacher, class & period, date in the top left-hand corner of the sheet and must be typed.