Literacy Enrichment Grades 9 & 10

  • Course Requirements:

    Purpose: This Enrichment Course was designed to help students develop and/or enhance basic literacy skills in order to achieve Grade-Level Reading Proficiency on various state and school assessments. (DAR, SRI, Read Theory and 9th/10th PSAT)

    Students will be challenged daily in the areas of Key Idea and Details, Integration of Knowledge and Craft and Structure. 

    Process: Students are primarily recommended for Enrichment after careful review of School-Wide and State Assessments. Teacher recommendations and classroom performance are also considered. 

    Grading Policies:

    Students' grades will be determined through a calculation of total points. Grading categories will be listed in E-School as Process (Formative assignments, such as daily classwork and homework) or Product (Summative assignments, such as, tests, quizzes, presentations or projects that demonstrate mastery of skills and benchmarks). 

    Rules & Procedures:


    • Report to class on time
    • Sit tall in your seat
    • Respect teachers and peers
    • Report to class prepared 
    • Strive to improve literacy skills


    1. Warning!
    2. Think Sheet (ISS Room/Call)
    3. Office Referral (Removed from class)