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Milton Elementary Director (302) 893-9313

Important Weather Related Information 2017/2018

  • When School is Closed

    When school is closed for inclement weather, the Boys & Girls Club will be using The Rehoboth Boys & Girls Club at Epworth Church, Rehoboth. Hours will be 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM Full day rates will apply. You must call your Director by 6:30 AM to let them know you will be sending your child. Please dress your child in weather appropriate clothing, and they must have on or bring sneakers. Please also send a lunch and water bottle with your child. 

    When School is Delayed

    If a school is delayed because of weather, we will still open at the regular time until the school day begins. 

    State of an Emergency

    If the state has declared a "state of emergency" due to weather, we will not be open at any location. If you have a question about the condition for the day please call the site cell phone for a recorded message. 

    Early Dismissal

    If a school declares an early dismissal for inclement weather or any emergency reason, Boys & Girls Club will remain open one hour at the school allowing time for parents to pick-up their child/children as soon as possible due to many of our members not having bus transportation. If you have a question please call the Boys & Girls Club site cell phone. Please discuss with your child that in this circumstance if they should ride the bus or come to the Club. You will need to notify the school if you choose for them to ride the bus home. 

    After School Activities Cancelled

    If a school cancels after school activities this does not necessarily mean that the Boys & Girls Club is canceled after school. Please call your site Director if you have any questions.