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CP World History

  • Course Requirements 

    • ­This course was designed to meet High School graduation requirements.
    • ­The course was developed to focus on the state standards and hands-on learning

    What you need:

    • ­A three-ring binder with 5 dividers
    • ­IPad Charged Dailey
    • ­Ample supply of notebook paper
    • ­Writing utensils-pencils, blue/black ink pens
    • ­Highlighters

    Grading Policies

     Grades are based on:

    • Formative assessments (40% of grade):  Homework, writing assignments, class work, warm-ups, exit slips, participation
    • Summative assessments (60% of grade): Common assessments, tests, quizzes, projects, essays
    • Midterm and Final Exam (15% of final grade)

    Rules & Procedures

    • ­Be on time
    • ­Be present
    • ­Be prepared
    • Be respectful
    • ­BE aware of and follow the student code of conduct

    What students can expect:

    • A mutual belief of success in both the students, as individuals, and the class as a whole.
    • Give 100% in all activities.
    • Respect others and classroom environment.  Be polite and raise your hand.
    • This is a learning-focused environment that is student-centered and promotes student participation.  Engaging in activities and discussions is crucial.
    • You will think, work hard, be up and moving, discussing, reading, and writing on a regular basis!!