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  • Welcome to Cape Henlopen Physics!

    This is going to be an academically challenging, exciting and fun school year. We will put forth the effort to make learning enjoyable and we will accomplish this through hard work, determination and persistence. Attitude and mindset are key to success, so let’s set our intentions on making this the best year ever!


    This course will introduce you to the basic concepts of Physics, how they are related in the physical world. Various theories and practical application will be explored, ultimately with the idea of developing engineering solutions that will improve society in areas of technology, medicine and environment. We will use problem solving skills, mathematic analysis and STEM concepts.

    Course Content:

    We will begin reviewing some basic mathematical concepts, lab safety and from there venture into topics such as: kinematic motion, Newton’s Laws and forces. We will address and delve into topics including wave function, electricity and power, and optics and light.


    1 inch binder with paper, pencil/pen, composition notebook,

    Optional Supplies:

    ruler, graph paper, calculator, colored pencils

    Grading Policy

    All work in the class is counted by total points. For example, a test (60 points) will be worth more than a homework assignment (10 points). Your goal is to accumulate as many points as you can in order to maintain a good grade in the class.

    Cape Henlopen Grading Scale:





    Classroom Expectations:

    • First things first! Upon entering room, take your seat, and write down the warm up question (s), think, then attempt an answer. We will go over the answer as a class. • When the TEACHER or anyone else delivering useful information is speaking, YOU are an active listener.

    • Use common sense and appropriate language.

    • Be positive, try YOUR best!

    • NO Cell Phones in class.

    If you are absent….See Schoology and ASK A CLASSMATE what you missed, go to the absent

    box and retrieve work. It is in your best interest to make up missing work and to be accountable to YOU! However, you DO NOT need to make up all work. If you are absent for a lab, you are not responsible for the work, however you must ask a classmate to generalize the lab for you, as questions from the lab may be on the upcoming test. You will not receive points for a missed lab, however you will now have less points to buffer you against a bad grade in the future.

    ANY QUESTIONS please ask! I am are here to support you and assist you in achieving your highest potential. YOUR first grade will be the signed agreement sheet.