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  • Course Requirements:

    Required 9th grade science class

    Grading Policies:

    College-Prep Biology uses a total points system for grading.  More important grades such as tests and projects carry a higher point value than grades like homework or class assignments. Your marking period grade will follow the Cape Henlopen High School grading scale:

    • 93-100%=A
    • 85-92%=B
    • 75-84%=C
    • 70=74%=D
    • Below 70%=F

    Rules & Procedures:

    Cape Henlopen High School Biology Expectations

    All Cape Henlopen High School students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a proper learning environment and reflects positively on themselves, their classmates, teachers, family and community.  Each Cape Henlopen High School student automatically becomes a citizen of our school, both receiving privileges and accepting responsibilities including: (but not limited to…the school code of conduct is the ultimate guide.)

    • Respect of Property
    • Keep Cape a clean, neat and safe environment.
    • Respect of the School Environment
    • Listen to your teacher, and follow directions.
    • Absolutely no cellphones or electronics other than your IPad
    • Respect for Others
    • Show courtesy and tolerance; respect differences; make others welcome.
    • Respect for Self
    • Be successful and reach your full potential. 
    • Be the best you can be.