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  • Course Description:

    CP Chemistry is a college preparatory chemistry course that will provide students an introduction to chemistry and its foundational concepts.  Students will study the following:

    • Atomic Structure and Theory
    • Electron Properties and Behavior
    • The Periodic Table
    • Chemical Bonding
    • Chemical Reactions
    • The Mole and Stoichiometry
    • Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium
    • Thermochemistry
    • Nuclear Chemistry


    Student grades will be based on the categories below:

    Assignments/Class Work:  20%

    Quizzes:                              10%

    Lab Reports:                        20%

    Tests:                                  50% 

    • Assignments will include worksheets, Schoology assignments, test reviews, and brief lab activities.
    • Quizzes will be given several times throughout each unit. The purpose of these quizzes will be for students to assess their strengths and weaknesses on the individual subtopics of the unit of study.  They will be announced in advanced and students are encouraged to study for them.
    • Chemistry is a laboratory-based course and will require students to study course content within the laboratory setting. Students will be graded on their written analysis of lab results.
    • Tests will be given at the conclusion of each unit. As stated above, tests are 50% of the course grade. Students will be provided a test review in advance of each test and have an opportunity to review in class.  Students are expected to prepare for every test by completing all coursework, participating in class, and seeking help on subtopics needing further explanation.

    The Cape Henlopen grading scale is as follows:

                A = 93-100      B = 85-92        C = 75-84         D = 70-74        F = Below 70


    Schoology will be used on a daily basis in Chemistry.  Students are expected to bring a charged Ipad to class every day so that they can access the course content.  Schoology will contain assignments and quizzes for students to complete throughout each unit.  Schoology will also be utilized as a storage area for course materials such as notes and worksheets.  Students should access Schoology to obtain any course materials needed.

    Absences/Late Work Policy:

    Students are expected to use Schoology as a way to keep updated on class events while absent. For excused absences (blue slip required), extensions on assignments will be granted, as needed, for a period of time less than or equal to the number of absent days. Please make every effort to attend class on days we are in the laboratory. For safety reasons, laboratory experiments must be made up within one week of returning to school and may require students to stay after school for the make up. Students will receive full credit on assignments submitted in a timely manner following an absence. Students are strongly discouraged from handing assignments in late unless they have been absent. Late assignments are due by the end of the exceptions!! 

    Help Outside of Class:

    I will be available after school at least two times per week for students who need additional help or who need to make up work/labs. Students are encouraged to seek help during this time. I will also be available through email and Schoology outside of regular school hours.

    Technology/Course Materials:

    Students need the following materials for this course: Ipad, three ring binder or folder (for storing handouts), and a notebook/paper for taking notes. IPads are expected to be charged prior to attending class.  You MAY NOT use your phone instead of your Ipad to complete course work.  Phones WILL be confiscated if used for any reason during class time.  Periodic tables will be provided to students and are required for class every day. Students are expected to keep their notes, homework, and class handouts organized. All paper assignments must be completed neatly and in dark blue ink, black ink, or pencil.

    Laboratory Experiments:

    At least one laboratory experiment will be conducted per unit. Students are expected to follow all safety rules explained in the Lab Safety Contract (discussed and signed at the beginning of the year) during laboratory experiments. Safety goggles must be worn at all times!! Failure to uphold the Safety Contract will result in a suspension of laboratory privileges which will impact the course grade. Please be aware that lab safety violations will be taken very seriously and that unsafe lab practices will not be tolerated.

    Class Expectations:

    Classroom rules can be summarized as follows: show up, do your best, and help create a positive learning environment. We are in this room to do chemistry...a class that most people regard as difficult. Every single student can be successful provided they make an effort to learn the course content. To help you accomplish this, I expect you to attend class EVERY DAY. I also expect you to make the most of your time in class by remaining focused and on-task. Most assignments will be able to be completed within class time if students use their time wisely. Lastly, the focus of the classroom is on LEARNING. Please maintain a positive attitude toward your ability to learn the material and be aware that everyone in the room has the right to learn. Student behaviors that interfere with the learning process of other students will not be tolerated.

    Academic Honesty:

    Students are expected to do their own work on assignments and tests. Students will be prohibited from using electronic devices during tests to help maintain the integrity of the test. Cheating is a serious offense and will result in a grade of a zero as well as disciplinary action. It is imperative that students complete their own work and display academic integrity.