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  • Course Requirements:


    Grading Policies:

    Marking Period Grades will be determined using a weighted average. This means that certain assignments will influence the student’s overall grade more than others. For instance, homework and classwork are not weighted as high as quizzes, tests, and projects. On Home Access (eSchool) the categories will be listed as “Process” and “Product.”

    Process = Classwork, Homework, Warmups, Discussions, etc (30% weighted average)

    Product = Quizzes, Tests, Projects, etc. (70% weighted average)

    Semester Grades will be calculated using two marking period grades and a summative evaluation. Each marking period counts for 42.5% and the exam will count for 15%.

    Rules & Procedures:

    The following is an abbreviated list of rules and regulations in this classroom. Laboratory safety procedures are discussed in detail before any labs take place. Cape Henlopen School District rules of conduct established by the school board are utilized and the disciplinary policies are strictly adhered to in this laboratory-oriented classroom.

    1. Come to class on-time and be prepared to work. On-time means in your seats when the bell rings. Otherwise you will be marked tardy. Three tardies = 1 class cut.

    2. Food is prohibited inside the science classroom. Exceptions will be made for medical conditions and class/individual rewards.

    3. Drinks are allowed within the classroom setting as long as they are in a sealable non-glass container.

    4. Students who abuse the bathroom/hall passes (i.e. out of area, destruction of property, excessive time) may be put on a behavior plan during that class period.

    5. You may make up “product” assessment due to an EXCUSED absence (you will need to show me your blue slip). Time to make up work = time excused from school. If the administration excuses you from my class, you are subsequently excused from the “process” assignments for that day.

    6. Late work will not be accepted for any reason except for school-closing or family emergency. (Parent note required)

    7. No one will be allowed to use the rest room and/or water fountain without signing out of the classroom.

    8. All classes will follow the school’s 10/10 rule. This rule states that no student shall be permitted to leave the class the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes.