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Spanish II

  • Course Requirements

    Students will ask and respond to more complex questions, form conversations properly using various parts of speech, and express their thoughts in the Spanish language. They will continue to learn about and to appreciate the Spanish-speaking culture.

    Grading Policies

    Assignments are broken into two categories: Product and Process. Process assignments are assignments that practice a new skill. Product assignments are more complex assignments that demonstrate a mastery of a skill.

    Process assignments: 60%                          Product assignments: 40% 

    Rules & Procedures

    1. Be on time.
    2. Be prepared for class.
    3. Be respectful to others.
    4. Raise your hand BEFORE you speak.
    5. NO electronic devices unless given permission from the teacher.
    6. NO food or drinks in class, other than a clear bottle of water.
    7. Remain in your assigned seat until the bell rings unless given permission from your teacher.
    8. Follow the Cape code of conduct.