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  • Course Requirements:

    Two successful years of the same language are required for graduation by the state of Delaware.

    Level I

    Spanish 1, French 1, and Italian 1 involve periods of intensive oral drill and practice

    intended to develop the ability to learn language sounds accurately and to imitate them without distortion. The student learns to carry on simple conversations and to understand directions concerning the classroom and its activities. The student studies vocabulary and grammar by reading, writing, listening and speaking, and learns sentence patterns through practice drills in the classroom. Homework and vocabulary review is assigned daily.

    Level III

    Honors: Spanish 3, French 3, Italian 3 College Prep: Spanish III

    Prerequisite: completion of the 2nd year of the same language with a grade of “B” or better is

    highly recommended. Level 3 Honors is a fast moving academic class. Class activities, including explanations and directions in the language of study. Reading selections and writing activities are advanced. Completing and presenting both group and independent projects are an integral parts of the program. The ability to work independently and the desire to advance in all areas of the language are essential. Homework and vocabulary review is assigned daily.

    Grading Policies:

    Process- performance tasks, quizzes, group work, homework and class participation.

    Product-projects, tests and exams

    Rules & Procedures:

    • Be on time
    • Be prepared
    • Be positive and speak the target language
    • Bring your ipad charged