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Driver's Education

  • Course Requirements:

    Driver’s Education

    Grade: 10                 Length: Semester                   Credit: .25 credit

    The course is ONLY for students in a 10 grade homeroom.

    Delaware law requires anyone under age 18 must successfully complete a state approved driver education course in order to obtain a Delaware Graduated Driver’s License. This course shall be offered during a student’s sophomore year and is taught for one nine week marking period. Students who qualify for driver education will be scheduled by marking period according to their birth date. The 44-hour driver education course consists of a minimum of 30 required hours of in-class training and a minimum of 7 hours required of in-car training (driving and observation hours). Student attendance is mandatory in order to meet state requirements.

    The purpose of driver education and traffic safety is to provide students with the knowledge, attitudes, and competencies needed to become safe, responsible members of the highway transportation system. The in class phase of driver education introduces students to the Highway Transportation System and the driving task. The in-car phase of driver education prepares students to practice basic driving skills and experience a variety of driving environments and traffic situations. To achieve these goals, the driver education program is based on an analysis of the mental, physical, and social skills a student must perform when operating a motor vehicle After the successful completion of this course, students will be prepared to enter the Delaware Graduated Driver License Program.

    Students will automatically be enrolled in Academic Enrichment for the marking period immediately following Driver Education.

    Grading Policies:

    1. Classroom: Students will accumulate points from classroom assignments, tests and the final exam.

    Total Points Accumulated   = Course Grade

       Total Points Possible

    1. Grades are:

                      Assessments 40%

                      Projects         20%

                      Notebook      20%

                      Final Exam     20%

    1. Grading Scale:

                       A = 93-100   B = 85-92   C = 75-84     D = 70-74   F = 0-69 (Failing)

    Students enrolled in Driver Education will receive an S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) final grade.

    Rules and Procedures:  See attached syllabus for more information.