• The Cape Carousel Program is sponsored by the Cape Henlopen School District and is free to all students who attend. In order to offset rising costs, monetary donations, as well as the donation of goods and services, are welcome. Individuals and businesses with the desire to help us meet our programming needs are encouraged to consult the list of suggestions on how to do so below.

    Monitory Contributions:

    Any amount is acceptable and greatly appreciated -or-

    • Sponsor a bus run - $50
    • Sponsor materials for a course - $100
    • Sponsor a Community Night - $200
    • Sponsor a printing of the Cape Carousel News - $350
    • Sponsor a course offering - $500

    All sponsorships will be publicly noted!

    Other Contributions:
    If interested in offering volunteer assistance or donating materials please call the office (644-7917) to discuss what is needed. THANKS!!