• Who can register for the program?
    The Cape Carousel Program is free and open to any student in grades 4-8 presently registered in the Cape Henlopen School DistrictStudents must, however, meet the eligibility requirements for participation in extra-curricular activities that are explained in the student handbook section of each school’s student agenda/handbook.

    How do I register for the program?
    Pick up an application from your homeroom teacher or in your school's main office. Applications are also available online here under the Course Offerings tab. Completed applications must be returned to your homeroom teacher by the registration deadline noted both in the newsletter and on the front page of the application form. Incomplete applications or applications obtained during previous sessions will not be accepted.

    CCP Building Contacts:

    • Shields Elementary - Mrs. Gail Drummond 
    • Beacon Middle - Ms. Maureen Baron 
    • Rehoboth Elementary - Mrs. Dawn Quigley 
    • Love Creek Elementary - TBD 
    • Mariner Middle - Ms. Jackie Warrington
    • Milton Elementary - Ms. Catina Bright
    • H.O. Brittingham Elementary - Mrs. Laurie Krick

    How do I know when my application is complete?
    Your application is complete when you have filled out the:

    • Course Selection Front Page
    • Permission/Emergency Sheet (on reverse of front page - parent signature required), and
    • Turned in your packet to your homeroom teacher for a recommendation.

    What if I don’t get my first choice of classes?
    Students should complete the Course Selection Cover Page with their second and third choices of courses in case their first choice course fills quickly. Remember, courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

    How will I get to the program?
    Students from all schools will be transported to the CHSD Lewes School (820 Savannah Rd, Lewes) after dismissal as follows:

    • SES students are walked over to the Lewes School by school personnel.
    • A Cape Carousel bus serving MES, HOB, and MMS picks up students and proceeds directly to the Lewes School. MMS and HOB students are supervised by school personnel after dismissal until the bus arrives. MES students board the bus at regular dismissal.
    • A Cape Carousel bus serving BMS, LCE, and RES picks up students and proceeds directly to the Lewes School. BMS and RES students are supervised by school personnel after dismissal until the bus arrives. LCE students board the bus at regular dismissal.
    • Parents are welcome to provide their own transportation to the program providing they ensure their child arrives by 4:25 p.m.

    How will I get home from the program?
    Instructional time ends at 6:30 p.m.

    • Students from SES, RES, LCE, and BMS are to be picked up on site at 6:30 p.m. at the Lewes School.
    • MES, HOB, and MMS students are returned to MES at 6:50 p.m.

    Parents/Guardians must pick up their children on time. Parents wanting to pick up their student at a location other than the one designated for their home school must provide written permission.

    How will I know if I got into the program?
    Students will receive notification by mail confirming their acceptance, along with complete program information, approximately one week prior to the session starting date.

    What if I'm out of school sick on a Cape Carousel day?
    Parents are asked to call the Cape Carousel office directly to inform staff that their child will be absent as that information is not provided to us by their home school. Students are required to attend all scheduled class days of each session they are enrolled in unless they are ill or have a written excuse.

    What if I am hungry after school?
    A snack will be provided. A $5.00 fee will be collected on the first day of each session to cover the cost of snacks for ALL class days.