Advanced Ceramics

  • Course Description:

    After refreshing on previously learned skills and techniques, the students will be utilizing what they have already learned, while gaining knowledge of and inventing new skills. This course is designed to give the students more responsibility while allowing greater independence and creative ownership.

    The level of achievement you can gain in this course is be directly related to the standards you set for yourself. I expect every student to expand far beyond your ‘comfort zone’, be willing to take risks, and explore new territories. EVERY project requires research and planning


    Upon completion of this course the student will know and understand the following techniques:

    • Wheel Throwing
    • Slip Casting
    • Sculpture techniques (additive and subtractive)
    • Firing Process
    • Raku (if time allows)
    • Slumping
    • Molds/Casting
    • Glazing

    Grading Policies:

    • Grades will be based on student performance on projects, completion of daily duties, classwork, notebook checks, warm up, tests, quizzes, homework, sketchbook, etc.
    • Most projects will be graded out of 100 points. In order to make grading less subjective, all major projects are graded using a rubric. The rubric will be given to you before and during the lesson so that you know exactly what to expect.
    • In addition to a point based rubric, every student will be completing a self and a peer reflection/critique after each project.
    • 40% Process (classwork, participation, daily duties, tests, quizzes, homework, warm ups)
    • 60% Product (projects)

    Rules & Procedures:

    Student Expectations:

    • Abide by the Cape Henlopen school district code of conduct at all times.
    • Respect yourself, your classmates, your property, the school property, and your teacher.
    • Give full attention when teacher is speaking.
    • Keep phones turned off and away
    • Be responsible-attend every class, arrive on time (in your seat when the bell rings).
    • Complete projects by due dates • Keep phones turned off and away.
    • Water is allowed, but no other drinks or food in class is tolerated.
    • Do not line up at the door, wait in your seat for the bell to ring.
    • Do not remove supplies from the classroom without permission
    • Your ipad is only to be in use when the teacher requests and allows. Improper use of the ipad will result in disciplinary action. The Ipad is for academic use only. Do not take pictures or recordings of students or staff without their authorization.