Creative Writing

  • Course Requirements: Students will produce original writing in a variety of genres in a workshop setting. They will also read and analyze published writing for literary style and author’s choices. During class, students will study, emulate, write, conference, and revise their own writing; as well as act as peer editors for their classmates’ writing as well. Each student will keep a journal and complete portfolios of the writing assignments completed throughout the semester.  The course ends with a culminating final exam presentation that requires the students to review a book for literary merit and author’s style and choices.

    Throughout the course, each student is expected to:

    • Develop a personal style and process of writing
    • Critique professional and peer writing
    • Develop revision and editing skills
    • Attempt to publish writing
    • Create a personal journal and portfolios of original writing

    Course Purpose: Student writers will be introduced to various published authors and opportunities to create original writings in a workshop setting in which they have an audience of serious readers in their peers, and have the opportunity to improve their writing through literary emulation, peer editing, and teacher mentoring.

    Grading Policies: This is a single semester course.

    • Workshop: 35% - daily writing activities, readings, discussions, peer reviews
    • Portfolios: 50% -  collections of poems and other writings to be shared
    • Final exam: 15% - Book Talk (see other handout for requirements)

    Rules & Procedures:


    • Write every day
    • Read the assigned texts
    • Analyze assigned texts
    • Prepare for the Book Talk independently
    • Respond to peer writing in a polite, constructive manner
    • Attempt to publish work

    The typical day in creative writing will begin with writing warm ups, then lessons that examine various writing purposes and genres. Students work independently to compile the various writing assignments into reader-friendly portfolios. Conferencing with peers and the teacher is available and encouraged throughout the writing process and the course. Once a month, the class will share portfolios in an informal “Food for Thought” gathering.