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  • Course Requirements:

    No requirements for Italian 1. A passing grade (70 or above) to move on to Italian 2. Credit for Italian 2 to move on to Honors Italian 3 (while students CAN move on, it is not recommended unless student finishes Italian 2 with an 85 or higher). Honors Italian 4 requires that student completes Honors Italian 3 with at least an 85.

    Grading Policies:

    2 categories Process and Product, split 60/40 – respectively. Process is items such as homework, classwork, class participation; Product is quizzes, tests, and/or projects.

    Rules & Procedures:

    All rules and procedures are in line with Cape Henlopen School District and High School Code of Conduct. For more specifics, contact teacher. A current syllabus is available upon request.