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  • Course Requirements:

    CP World Literature 10:

    This course will span many genres of literature, both fiction and nonfiction, and will use literary analysis as a springboard for composition, vocabulary and grammar study. A variety of units will be presented through an integrated curriculum including: short stories, novels, articles, speeches, research papers, poetry, PSAT vocabulary, grammar usage and mechanics, and timed essays. The English CP 10 curriculum is divided into units of study and each is constructed around a center theme. Students will conduct close readings and discussions of a variety of titles in thematic units and they will increase their ability to use textual evidence to prove an argument.

    Students will develop skills necessary for life by learning critical thinking, literary analysis, comprehension, vocabulary, time management, communication, writing skills, research elements, and group dynamics.

    CP English 9

    This college preparatory English course is designed to further develop reading comprehension and purposeful writing skills while studying various literary genres. Grammar, research, and writing skills are taught in conjunction with reading strategies. This course is aligned with the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts in reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language. Writing and speaking will be the primary methods of student responses and evaluations. The curriculum has been aligned with the life-long learner in mind. The primary focus is to explore the life journey of the individual, and the relevance of each individual in cultural context. The reading and writing assignments have been designed for SAT and state test preparation as well as college-level evaluations. The class presentations and written assignments will include extensive use of research and study skills. All students have mandatory summer reading.

    Grading Policies:

    Both Subjects:

    Any homework that is late automatically earns a 50%, but I will accept for a grade until the interim. This ensures fairness and equity for those students who complete the work on time, and encourages students to practice the material in a timely manner. Homework and classwork is graded with either a check plus (100%), a check (85%), or a check minus (65%). This policy to ensure that is it graded in a timely manner and returned to students to use as a study guide.

    Both Courses:

    Process: 50%


    Class work (formative assessments, Socratic seminars, collaborative activities, etc)


    Homework (summer reading)




    Product: 50%





    Rules & Procedures:

    Class Routine

    • Most classes will contain the following activities:
    • Warm-up (The Daily Mojo)
    • Grammar/Greek and Latin Roots Practice
    • Homework check/review
    • Note-taking/reading activities
    • Group or individual written/verbal analysis response
    • Homework reminders

    Be Respectful to everyone and everything, especially:

    Yourself – This is where respect begins. You Rock! Respect yourself accordingly.

    Others – Be respectful towards classmates, teachers, administrators, etc. This includes:

    • Waiting for others to finish before speaking
    • Not using derogatory language
    • Keeping and open mind
    • Not judging or making fun of others views/comments/ideas

    Environment – Be respectful of the classroom. Leave it in the same condition as you found it.

    • Do not write in books, on walls, or desks
    • Do not erase anything on the white board
    • Do not alter any of the bulletin boards or class decorations.
    • Please do not leave trash on floor or desks

    My Desk – My desks and the items located in that area are not to be used by students unless given permission by myself.

    Raise your hand to ask or answer a question.

    Raise your expectations - You’ll find you will achieve more when you do.


    • School/District Policies – All will be enforced.
    • Class Procedures – You will learn these as the year progresses. Please follow as they will create a more efficient classroom.
    • All Directions – Listen carefully / Read all directions
    • Be on time and prepared for class
    • Be honest in all aspects of your work for this course. Cheating and plagiarism are major infractions of school policy. There will be serious consequences if you lie, cheat, copy, or plagiarize in this class.
    • Do not interrupt class unless you have an emergency.

    Bathroom pass:

    • You are only allowed to leave class four times per marking period. You will receive 4 passes at the beginning of each marking period.
    • You must fill out and turn in a valid bathroom pass for each time you leave.
    • Passes do not “hold over” until the next marking period.
    • Up to four unused passes may be turned in at the end of the marking period for extra credit.
    • Emergencies will be handled individually.

    Maintain a positive attitude in order to achieve success. I will not ask you to do anything in this class that you are incapable of doing. The only way to do poorly in this class is to not do your work.

    Communicate with me. If you have a problem or need additional help with the material we are covering in class, please talk to me or send me an email – It’s what I’m here for. I’ll do everything I can to help you, I just need to know!

    Cell phones – Nope! By now you should be aware of the intention to enforce this policy.

    Minimum acceptable standards for written work:

    In all written work, you are expected to spell all words correctly, use punctuation correctly, use complete sentences at all times, and follow the basic rules of English grammar.

    You are expected to reinforce your classroom study with homework assignments. Expect homework on a daily basis; it may be reading and/or a written assignment.

    All submitted written assignments must follow the MLA style heading in the top left-hand corner of paper:


    • Your Name: Edward Thatch
    • Teacher: Mr. Rezac
    • Class and Period: CP Eng 9/Per.6
    • Date: 5 September 2017

    Communicate via Schoology , email, phone