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  • Course Requirements:

    This course will span many genres of literature, both fiction and nonfiction, and will use literary analysis as a springboard for composition, vocabulary and grammar study.  A variety of units will be presented through an integrated curriculum including short stories, novels, articles, speeches, research papers, poetry, PSAT vocabulary, grammar usage and mechanics, and timed essays.  The English CP 10 curriculum is divided into units of study and each is constructed around a central theme.  Students will conduct close readings and discussions of a variety of titles in thematic units and they will increase their ability to use textual evidence to prove an argument.
    Students will develop skills necessary for life by learning critical thinking, literary analysis, comprehension, vocabulary, time management, communication, writing skills, research elements, and group dynamics.

    Grading Policies

    Any homework that is late automatically earns a 50%, but I will accept for a grade until the interim.  This ensures fairness and equity for those students who complete the work on time and encourages students to practice the material in a timely manner.  Homework and classwork are graded with either a check plus (100%), a check (85%), or a check minus (65%).  This policy to ensure that is it graded in a timely manner and returned to students to use as a study guide.

    Process: 50%


    Class work (formative assessments, Socratic seminars, collaborative activities, etc)


    Homework (summer reading)




    Product: 50%






    Rules & Procedures:

    “Sticky Note-it”—students are encouraged to write any off-task questions or concerns on a post-it note and “park” it.  This way I can address their needs at an appropriate time, still respecting their needs and classroom instruction time. 

    “BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR CONTROL”  --  covers the basics of responsibility, respect, and accountability.

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