Mission Statement & Goals

  • Vision
    The Sussex Consortium educates and supports each individual to become a productive, socially connected, and personally fulfilled member of his or her community.

    The Sussex Consortium provides intensive services to students with exceptionalities in order to address identified areas of need. Our goal is to close the learning gaps for each student through the use of evidence-based practices and curriculum so all will reach their fullest potential.

    Value, Belief & Philosophy Statments
    We Believe:

    • All children can learn by providing a quality education
    • Student success requires a partnership of family, community, and school resources
    • Through teamwork, staff make a difference in student achievement
    • All staff model excellence in their field and are supported by cutting edge, on-going professional development opportunities.
    • Students need to be taught in positive and natural learning environments.
    • We will maintain resources to continue to be a model program for students with exceptional needs.