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Health & Physical Education

  • Course Requirements:

    The Philosophy of our department is to provide a safe, effective program that will meet the developmental needs of all students and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead an active life. We help each student increase their fitness level through a variety of physical and health-related activities.

    Grading Policies:

    • GRADING SCALE: 20 Daily Points
      • 5 pts- Arrive Promptly/Assigned Area
      • 5 pts- Dressed Properly for PE Class/Bring iPads for Health Class
      • 5 pts- Demonstrated appropriate behavior and attitude during instructional time
      • 5 pts- Demonstrated appropriate behavior and attitude during activity

    Rules & Procedures:

    Work Habits for Success

      • Each student will bring and wear the proper P.E. clothing to class. This includes T-shirt, shorts or athletic pants, and athletic shoes. (No Jeans!) Hats and Jackets are for outdoors only.  Please follow the district dress code when selecting PE attire.
      • On days that we have Health Class, students are required to bring iPads.
      • All students suffering from an injury or illness must bring a note from home explaining their condition. If the injury or illness causes a student to be out for more than 2 days a doctor/medical note must be provided. Students will not earn participation points while excused.
      • Any student who suffers from a long-term illness or injury will be required to complete alternative assignments. They must complete and turn in all assignments and projects on time.
    • DAILY ROUTINES: The students will...
      • Change clothing in 5 minutes (before and after class)
      • Sit in assigned area
      • Participate in warm-up
      • Participate in the scheduled activity
      • Will sit on the bleachers to be dismissed