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About Mr. Rodriguez

  • My name is Alfredo Rodriguez.  I was born in Milton and decided to continue my educational career at Delaware State University.  From 2003-2017 I taught third grade at H.O. Brittingham Elementary.  Over the years my teaching style and classroom management changed but my passion for student learning has always been a priority.

Classroom Rules

  • My management of the classroom will follow Love Creek expectations. Each day your child will come home with daily colors in their agenda. The colors will reflect their behavior for the day. Please see the table below for results of each color:

    Color Code:

    • Pink
      • Outstanding all day!
      • Went above and beyond expectations.
      • Extremely helpful and respectful to all.
    • Purple
      • Great Job!
      • Helpful and respectful to everyone around.
      • Displayed great qualities throughout the day.
    • Blue
      • Good Day!
      • Ready to learn all day and displayed a great quality to peers or adults at school. 
    • Green
      • Ready to Learn!
      • Respectful, responsible, and followed directions all day.
    • Yellow
      • Stop and Think!
      • Displayed a choice that needed attention by an adult at school. (Able to move up)
    • Orange
      • Teacher's Choice!
      • Displayed more than one choice that needed attention by an adult at school. (Able to move up)
    • Red
      • Parent Contact!
      • After displaying choices that needed attention by an adult student's behavior was unable to be corrected. Also, a parent will be contacted if the incident involves the following: hands-on, inappropriate language, bullying, unsafe to self or others.