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6th Grade Science

  • Course Requirements:

    Units of Study:

    • Plate Motion
    • Rock Transformations
    • Earth/Moon & Sun
    • Ocean/Atmosphere & Climate
    • Weather Patterns
    • Earth's Changing Climate

    Essential Supplies: Required on a Daily Basis:

    • Composition Notebook (for Science ONLY to be kept in your binder)
    • Pencils
    • Positive Attitude 

    Grading Policies:

    Science will utilize a point-based grading scale, with homework being weighted no more than 10% of the total grade. Also, no one assignment will be worth more than 25% of the total grade and no one category will be worth more than 40% of the total grade. See below for assignment categories and point value range.

    Science Assignment Categories and Point Values

    • Homework - 10-20 pts.
    • Classwork - 10-50 pts.
    • Tests 50-100 pts.
    • Quiz - 20-50 pts.
    • Projects - 50-100 pts.
    • Labs - 20-50 pts.
    • Binder Check - 10 pts.

    Progress Reports: Progress reports are sent home twice per marking period, they are to be signed and returned. Please monitor your grade on a regular basis on the Home Access Website.

    Rules & Procedures:

    Daily Procedures: Classroom norms will be developed with students in the first few days for the success of all students.

    • Answer daily warm-up question
    • Copy the Essential Question into your science notebook.
    • Record important information or homework assignments into your agenda book.

    Homework: Homework is given one time per week. Students receive the assignment on Monday and it is due on Wednesday. Assignments are designed to reinforce topics we are covering in class and typically take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Complete homework is worth ten points, partially complete homework, five points, and no homework is worth zero points. 

    ALL 6th graders will participate and produce a Science Night project. Projects that are not turned in receive a test grade of a zero. 

    Make-up Policy:

    • Expected student absence = 1 day; 0 penalty
    • Unexpected absences = 2 days to make-up; 0 penalty
    • Late assignments will be accepted within 2 weeks of the due date, students will only receive 1/2 credit.

    Classroom Norms:

    • Listen to instructions
    • Enter and exit prepared
    • Always try your best
    • Respect yourself and others
    • NO excuses