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8th Grade Science

  • Course Requirements:

    Earn a 70% or greater each marking period. Complete Science DCAS in May.

    Grading Policies:

    A point system will be used to determine your grade. The points you earn divided by the total number of points you could have earned given a perfect score on each assignment will determine your percentage.

    Assignment: Labs
    Points: 25
    Frequency: 1-3 per week

    Assignment: Classwork, Warm-ups, Cornell Note Summaries and Questions
    Points: 10-25
    Frequency: 1-3 per week

    Assignment: Tests
    Points: 100
    Frequency: 1 a month

    Assignment: Study Guides (homework)
    Points: 30
    Frequency: 1 a month

    Rules & Procedures:

    • Arrive on time and sit in your assigned seat.
    • Bring your composition book, binder, IPAD, and something to right with.
    • Respect all individuals and materials.
    • During lab time, remain at your assigned station and only communicate with your group.