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General Music & Choir

  • Course Requirements:

    General Music:

    6th Grade: a 9wk course that will explore different topics of music, learning to read music through playing the choir chimes, and exploring a musical.

    7th and 8th Grade: a 9wk course that will explore different musical genres and incorporate the use of GarageBand. Continuing to learn how to read music through playing the guitars or keyboards. Also exploring a musical.


    Learning the foundations of singing; posture, breath, tone production, etc. Teaching rhythmic and melodic sight singing, which is directly related to the music we will learn in class. Preparing a wide variety of music for different concerts and events throughout the year.

    Grading Policies:

    General Music:

    • Quizzes 10%
    • Classwork 15%
    • Projects 25%
    • Lab (instrument days) 50%


    • Concert Attendance 40%
    • Class Participation (students get a daily grade in class, this is then averaged for a weekly grade) 50%
    • Quizzes 10%

    Choir Daily Points System 
    Everyday students start with 100 points. The following items are grounds for subtraction of points from that 100:

    • No Pencil -20points
    • No Folder -20points
    • Late -10points
    • Chewing Gum -50points
    • Using anything not related to choir -50points
    • agendas, doodling, i-pads, cell phones, homework, etc.
    • Not Singing -100points
    • Talking when you should be singing -100points
    • Missed a Concert -100points

    Rules & Procedures:

    • Arrive to choir on time
    • Speak to each other with honor and respect
    • Put everything under my desk that is not related to choir
    • Have my folder AND a pencil with me at every class
    • Have good singing posture
    • Refrain from chewing gum
    • Sing when I am supposed to be singing
    • Save conversations for after the rehearsal
    • Attend every concert
    • Uphold the expectations laid out in the student code of conduct

    Any student interested in participating in Choir, must fill out a Choir Contract which can be downloaded here.