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Technology Education

  • Course Description

    A study of technology, which provides an opportunity for students to learn about the processes and knowledge related to technology that are needed to solve problems and extend human capabilities. Students get to problem solve, design, and innovate while being presented with rich and varied experiences. Students are encouraged to show initiative, be creative, learn independently, and take responsibility.

    Course Details: Technology Education: 9-week course (40-minute class daily) 


    • Students will recognize the nature, impacts, and evolution of technology.
    • Students will demonstrate technological problem solving by applying the design process and the systems model.
    • Students will explore technology-related skills, leadership skills, personal growth, and careers through opportunities provided by active participation in the Technology Student Association (TSA).

    Required Texts Materials and Resources: District Issued iPad, Schoology, Google Applications, Design sketch & log notebook, Pencil or Pen. 

    Attendance Policy: Building Attendance Policy

    Electronic Device Policy: Building Policy/Teacher Expectations

    Food and Drink: Building Food & Drink Policy (Water only in classrooms)

    Late Work Policy: Communicate with Teacher

    Classroom Management: Respect Agreement & Class Created Rules 

    Classroom Rules & Procedures

    • Be on time & prepared for class
    • Respect all students & staff in the classroom
    • Be safe around the tools & equipment
    • Be creative & innovative