Business Education Rules & Procedures

  • Attendance Policy: District/Building Attendance Policy

    Computer Use:  Each student will be assigned a laptop computer for use during his/her time in the computer lab.  Students are expected to follow the State of Delaware Acceptable Use Policy.  All district technology shall be used for instructional purposes only. Any misuse will incur a loss of computer privileges. Proper care of the computer lab is expected at all times. Students should refrain from playing with the equipment, cables, and outlets.

    Cell Phone Use: Building policy

    Food and Drink: Building Food & Drink Policy (Water only in classrooms)

    Late Work Policy: Communicate with Teacher

    Computer Lab Rules:

    • Do not share your password
    • Save your work often
    • Keep your workstation area neat
    • No water bottles near laptop computers
    • Practice Internet safety
    • Maintain organized files
    • Log off at the end of class
    • Do not change computer settings
    • Print only when requested by the teacher