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    Alex Louvis, Art
    Phone: (302) 645-6288 ex 2010

    Accordingly, art course content returns to a first semester of 2D “flat” art, and a second semester of 3D sculptural art. Due to increased class size numbers this year, not all students can be scheduled for both 2D and 3D art.

    Class activities explore a range of media, techniques and subject matter as guided by national core curriculum standards for visual art.

    Project work broadens students’ understanding of technical versatility, historical/cultural context, reflective evaluation and presentation, and interdisciplinary connections.

    Below is a summary of sample class lesson activities listed by grade.

6th Grade Art

  • Course Description

    2D activities include 3D drawing techniques, Peace poster design, Impressionist landscape painting, Pastel expressionist face drawing, Multimedia autumn night scene and Motif color wheel painting.

    3D sculpture activities include Notan mask design, Chinese dragon puppet, Plaster action figure, Clay animal plaque, and Paper machee gargoyle miniature.

7th Grade Art

  • Course Description:

    2D activities include Multimedia illuminated initial design, Animal close up painting, Peace poster design, Watercolor tree painting, Super bucks design, Pair portrait drawing, and Complementary color wheel painting.

    3D activities include Mask design, Animal stabile, Plaster figure sculpture, Paper machee personal symbol hand, and Clay Moai miniatures.

8th Grade Art

  • Course Description:

    2D activities include Matisse name collage, Multimedia figure landscape collage, Cartoon drawing, Plein air pastel landscape, Autumn still life drawing, Pop art portrait painting, Jungle landscape painting, Color wheel tessellation painting and Monochromatic action figure painting.

    3D activities include Haring figure sculpture, Paper machee animal sculpture, Pop art clay sculpture, and Paper machee portrait sculpture.

Additional Art Class Information

  • Specific projects and their sequence can vary from one marking period to another.

    Picture samples of project work can be found Beacon’s art program Instagram page, beaconmiddleart, and at Cape Henlopen School District’s Visual Art web page,

    For any questions or further information contact Alex Louvis.

Art Class Rules & Procedures

  • Instructional activities: Students receive direct instruction via a range of structured art activities. They are expected to be responsible and respectful with each other, with teachers, with supplies, and with the artwork.

    Grading: Per new district-level guidelines, grading procedures are divided into two categories: progress checks which are weighted 40%, and summative assessments which are weighted 60%. Progress check activities include classwork, group work, rubric-based activities, projects, and presentations. Summative assessment activities include district curricular summative assessments, projects, and presentations.

    In addition to classroom-based activities, students who enjoy pursuing their own independent study activities are encouraged to submit their work for scoring with the class art project grading rubric.

    Appropriate behavior and work habits are essential for a productive learning experience.

    Parental support is essential for academic success. Please review and return this summary directly with your student or electronically, providing names and dates as requested. Keep the attached program overview sheet. For electronic submission, these forms are available on Schoology under art class materials in the current class unit folder.