Contact Information

About Mr. Coffman

  • I am always tinkering with the latest technology. Regardless of how innovative these new technologies are they cannot, on their own, ensure learning.  I passionately believe that success in the future will be based not on what we know or how much we know, but on our ability to think and act creatively. My ultimate goal is for your child to use technology to foster creative thinking and creative expression. 

Classroom Rules

  • Lab Rules:

    • We are Ready to Learn
    • We Respect each other
    • We Believe in Ourselves
    • We Learn from our Mistakes
    • We Try our Best
    • We Work Hard
    • We CREATE!

    Other Rules:

    • No food or drink at your workstation
    • Please listen when your classmates and teacher is talking
    • Only visit approved sites and only when you have permission to do so
    • Respect the choices that others have made when creating projects