Lighthouse Chinese Language & Culture

Through a grant from the US Department of Education, Cape implemented the Lighthouse Chinese Program from 2007 - 2010.  It was the first such public school program in Delaware and one of a small but growing number in the United States.  Students in kindergarten through fifth grade learned about the world's most enduring civilization as they learned the world's most widely spoken language!  Chinese continues to be offered to Cape students through the Cape Carousel after-school enrichment program, as well as through a two-week StarTalk summer program.

The US Department of Education awarded the Cape Henlopen School District a Foreign Language Assistance Program grant to help fund the Lighthouse Chinese Program.  The federal funding is a component of the National Security Language Initiative, which "aims to boost the number of Americans learning critical need foreign languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Farsi, and others through new and expanded programs from kindergarten through university and into the workforce. To do that, the initiative will help develop teachers in those languages and encourage students to study critical foreign languages." (USDOE press release). In alignment with the District's mission, the Lighthouse Chinese Program has helped equip Cape students with the 21st century global competencies they will need for a bright future in an ever-changing world.


The artwork above was made by students at You Fu West Street Primary School in Nanjing, China and at Chen Jinglun Middle School in Beijing, China.  You can see these pieces on display at Rehoboth, Shields, Milton, and H.O. Brittingham Elementary Schools.

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