SchoolCenter Picture  Bus Rules


Be Responsible:

•  Be on time
•  Leave all belongings in backpack
•  Inform the driver of inappropriate behavior and make good choices about your behavior

Be Respectful:

•  Be aware of personal space
•  Talk quietly and use kind words
•  Listen to the driver

Be Safe:

•  Sit with backs to the seat and face forward
•  Keep your hands and feet to yourself
•  Keep the aisle clear of self and belongings
•  Walk to and from the bus
•  Stay seated when the bus is moving

Be Responsible:

•   Get all utensils, milk and condiments before sitting down
•   Raise your hand if you need help
•   Help keep the cafeteria clean
•   Know your lunch number

 Be Respectful:

•   Follow directions from all adults
•   Be polite and practice good table manners with quiet voices
•   Have conversations that are appropriate

 Be Safe:

•   Keep all food on your tray
•   Sit with feet on the floor, bottoms on bench and face the table
•   Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
•   Walk at all times

SchoolCenter Picture   Cafeteria


 SchoolCenter Picture Hallway Rules

Be Responsible:

•   Follow school rules
•   Stay together
•   Walk directly to your destination

 Be Respectful:

•   Hold the door open for the person behind you
•   Respect displayed work
•   Be aware of personal space
•   Use appropriate voices

 Be Safe:
•   Walk single file
•   Stay to the right
•   Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
•   Use one step at a time on the stairs

  Be Responsible

•  Use all equipment appropriately
•   Report problems to one of the adults on duty and be honest
•   Line up at the first whistle

  Be Repectful

•   Play fair and be a good sport
•   Share and include others
•   Follow adult directions
•   Be polite and use kind words

  Be Safe

•   Ask for permission to leave the playground and tell that person you returned
•   Walk on the sidewalk to and from the playground
•   Run only on the track or grass
•   Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself


Playground RulesSchoolCenter Picture


SchoolCenter Picture Water Fountain

  and Restroom Rules

Be Respectful:

Flush the toilet after use
•   Put towels in the trash
•   Return to the classroom promptly
•   Enter and leave empty handed
•   Be accurate

Be Responsible:

Respect the privacy of others
•   Use quiet voices
•   Wait your turn

Be safe:

Wash hands and turn water off
•   Keep water and soap in the sink
•   Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
•   Keep mouth a safe distance from the water spout and swallow immediately